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InfoSec Resources

May 29, 2013

This is an up to date list of solid InfoSec resources, in no particular order:

OWASP Web Testing Environment

SpiderLabs Blog



Tenable Network Security


Security Tools

Openwall (Open source security software / passwords / John the Ripper)

tcpdump and libpcap


Oxid (Security freeware / passwords / Cain and Abel)

Snort (Open source IDS/IPS)

Kismet (wireless network detector)



CIRT (Nikto)

w3af (Open source Web App Auditing)

Net Stumbler

Paros Proxy (Web App Auditing)

Perl for Windows


Scapy (Network Discovery)

OpenVAS (Open source vuln scanner)


Fiddler (Web debugging proxy)

Krebs on Security

Schneier on Security

Fortinet (blog)

Naked Security (blog)

Cognitive Dissidents (blog)

New School Security (blog)

Dark Reading (blog)

Securosis (blog)

Thought Crime (blog)

Root Labs (blog)

Threat Post (blog)

Zero Day (blog)

Rational Survivability (blog)

SecureList (blog)

Tao Security (blog)

F-Secure (blog)

Andrew Hay (blog)

Uncommonsense Security

McKeay (blog)

SANS AppSec (blog)

Offensive Security

Pentest Monkey

Pentester Lab



Packet Storm

Security Tube

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